Claudia y Augusto

Nos recomiendan:

  • Claudia es una excelente profesora
    Pocas bailan tan bien como hombre y como mujer simultaneamente como ella
    Se nota que tiene una fuerte vocación por la enseñanza y por la danza
    Ademas es muy cálida en el trato, accesible y respetuosa

    Muchas gracias Clau por todo!
    Te quiere mucho,

           Flavia Berger (rioplatense)”

Elizabeth, Claudia Bozzo y Jill Barrett.

  • “Re: If you are going to BA

I would like to add a very strong endorsement to recommendation of  Claudia Bozzo's
tango school in Buenos Aires "La Escuela del Tango".
I first went there for tango lessons about 14 years ago, and have returned various times for group classes and private lessons with Claudia.
I also take Claudia's body conditioning classes "entrenamiento corporal",  which are also very useful for any kind of dancing.
Over the years I have recommended Claudia to many of my students and friends going to Buenos Aires, including beginners, and every one of them has come back saying how much they loved the lessons and how delightful Claudia is.
Her English is not fluent but is adequate to communicate with people who don't speak Spanish.
I agree with the opinion Eduardo quoted below that, if this is your first visit to BsAs and you're not sure what kind of tango or teaching you're looking for, you'll get more benefit from going regularly to Claudia's school than trying a different teacher every day.
She usually has various other teachers and assistants there, and is able to teach different styles of tango and is the kind of person who will gladly help you to find out more about milongas, other teachers, other styles, etc.
She's also one of the few tango teachers in BsAs who teaches on her own premises, so that gives her school a more homely feel.”

Jill Barrett
Tango en el Cielo
London, England

“Det er et stykke tid siden vi har vaeret sammen, men jeg mindes altid mine dejlige timer i la Escuela de Tango, hvadenten det har vaeret enetimer, gruppeundervisning eller den fantastiske undervisning du gav min gruppe af danske tangodansere i marts 2006. 

Baade jeg og alle deltagerne var yderst tilfredse med undervisningen og satte pris på den behagelige stemning 
der var i la Escuela de Tango. 

Jeg glaeder mig til, at vi moedes i det nye aar.”

Mucho tiempo que no hemos visto pero siempre pienso en 
las clases hermosas en la Escuela de Tango, seria en clases particulares, grupales y tambien las clases organizadas especialmente para mi grupo de tangueros de Dinamarca que estaba en la escuela en marzo 2006. 

Yo mismo y todos estaban muy contentos de las clases y gustabamos del ambiente agredable en la Escuela de Tango.
Ahora espero que encontramos de nuevo el año que viene.'

Anders Rud, Profesor de Tango y Músico, 

Dinamarca. E-mail:

Anders og Claudia
Anders Rud y Claudia Bozzo

  • “After taking workshops for about 3 months all over Buenos Aires...
    I finally discovered "La Escuela del Tango." I studied with Claudia Bozzo, extensively throughout a year period and eventually earned a teaching certificate from her school.
    I found her approach to be very well organized, holistic (encompassing all aspects of dance training/theory/vocabulary), and organic (flowing,relaxed, and creative).
    I learned more quickly than I had anticipated and had a great time in the process.
    Thank you Claudia! :-)

Joe Powers, Portland, Oregon, USA”. Músico, Profesor de tango (danza y música)

Valentina Villaroel, Marina Carranza y Joe Powers
en las 1º Jornadas de Perfeccionamiento para Bailarines de Tango, Buenos Aires, Dic. 2000.


  • Hello La Escuela del Tango & Claudia,

    I' m back to Germany since 1 week and after Buenos Aires I had 2 more 
    fantastic weeks in Argentina.
    Salta, Cordoba, Mendoza,.... everywhere it was very good and I've  seen a lot of things.
    I really miss Argentina and hope to come back next year!

    I hadn't the time to dance tango since Buenos Aires but this week my  classes start again.
    Thank you for your tango lessons, it was great to have you as my  teacher.
    I think I did understand many things, now I have to practise,  practise,...
    I bought some tango music and I enjoy listening.

    So, I wish you a good start in the new week,


    Eli or Marika Orth in Germany”


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