Escuela Integral de Baile
The School of the tango is the first and most recommended Escuela Argentina de Tango, both between Buenos Aires and among tourists visiting Buenos Aires.

Special Tango Program to travelers

If you are in Buenos Aires to learn or improve your tango, we have designed intensive and integrated courses of instruction ranging from beginning to advanced levels. These classes are not only conducted by teachers from the school but also include Argentine partners who know the culture and history of tango, and the proper manners for the social dances, the "milongas", of tango.

These small, culturally oriented classes provide a broad spectrum of training, including body control
(Técnicas Integradas) and the improvisation and embellishment of the dance itself.

Structured to satisfy all levels of students, from those who have never danced tango to those at advanced levels, these packaged programs also include individual classes in order for the student participants to learn as much, and as quickly as possible while are in Buenos Aires, "the Mecca of Tango".
Included in the cost of these programs are an evening outing to a "milonga" at one of Buenos Aires's many tango dancing clubs, participation in special tango events that are scheduled monthly (<  ir a Este mes) throughout the city, use of the school's library books and periodicals that specialize in tango and are published in Spanish, English and German. We also provide, if you prefer, assistants to guidance to "milongas" or classes.

Since 1991, all years, we received groups of "tangueros" from all the world.

-Economy program 
(9 hours/week)
5 grupal classes (90 minutes each) + one private class (60 minutes).
Participation in special tango events of the week.

-Intensive program(15 hours/week)

Two daily classes: 8 grupal classes 
(90 minutes each) + 2 
private classes 
(60 minutes each)
8 clases grupales + 2 clases individuales (una hora y media de duración cada clase)
Participation in special tango events of the week.

Other activities and services:

You can design your own programe.

See the seminars, parties and special events, in <  ir a Este messcheduled for the time you come to Buenos Aires.

The school has guides or partners to visited and dance in typical and more renowned sites of tango in the various neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

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